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Our FOIL EMBOSSED business cards are the finest in the nation!  We put a lot of effort into creating a professional, high quality and beautiful foil embossed business card for many agencies.  The foil embossing process is tedious and exacting.  We produce large quantities of "shells" which are blank business cards with the foil badge stamped on them.  When an order is received we imprint the text information for the business card and the ink is then raised through a heat process.  Doing it this way keeps the costs down for our customers!  Below you will see the quality of our foil badges.  We currently produce foil embossed business cards for:  LAPD, NYPD (Detective and Lieutenant only at this time), Phoenix PD, FBI, US Secret Service and San Francisco PD.


LAPD, NYPD, Secret Service & Phoenix PD:   100 • $79   250 • $129   500 • $179   1000 • $229

SFPD AND FBI:   100 • $59   250 • $89   500 • $119   1000 • $199

NYPD Foil Badge Samples
Phoenix PD Police Chief Foil Sample
LAPD Foil Badge Samples

Above are actual images of our foil embossed badges.  Above left is our LAPD Foil Embossed badge.  If you compare it to the foil embossed badge of our competitor (next left), you can see the excellent detail which is unmatched against any other foil embossed business card.  All  text is razor sharp and raised through a process known as "Thermography".  We offer very high quality "Rag" paper which has a light texture.  You are able to write on the front or back of any of our foil business cards.  Above right you can see the detail in two of our other foil embossed badges;   Our NYPD Lieutenant and Phoenix PD Police Chief are hands down the best in the nation.


Multiple colors, multiple layers, flawless design!  Through our teams in Los Angeles, Mumbai, India, Phoenix and Chicago, we create exacting, authentic and highly detailed badge recreations.

TAKE A LOOK AT OUR actual foil embossed cards

Phoenix Police Department foil business card for Police Chief.
FBI foil business card sample
United States Secret Service Foil Business Card Sample. New badge.
United States Secret Service Foil Business card sample - Foil Star
SFPD Foil Business Card Sample
New York City Police Department foil business card sample - Detective
New York City Police Department foil business card sample - Lieutenant
Foil business card shells - Phoenix PD

We stamp thousands of foil "shells" which helps keep the price down for our customers


Code 3 Products has CUSTOM FLAT or EMBOSSED FOIL STAMPED business cards. This style of card is for agencies that have one color badges, i.e. all gold or all silver.  Through a process of embossing and then stamping one foil color over the emboss we are able to achieve a very professional and very nice business card.  The text ink is raised as well and back printing is available.  Again, this product is very LIMITED in what badges we can reproduce, so check with us to see if we are able to produce these for you.


200 $150    400 • $205    600 • $275

Amtrak Police Department Foil Business Card Sample
NOPD Foil Business Card Sample
Texas Department of Public Safety Foil Business Card Sample

This is a close up of the custom foil stamped badges we are able to produce.

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