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Below you will find the answers to commonly asked questions from our customers:


Q:  What is the status of my order?

A:  Check our Status Page for up to date order status.


Q:  Do you have foil embossed business cards for my agency?

A:  Please review our Foil Embossed Business Card product page to see agencies we currently

      produce these products for.  We are able to make custom foil business cards for certain

      agencies. Please inquire via our Contact Page.


Q:  Do you send me a proof before printing?

A:  Yes of course!  Code 3 Products will never send anything to print without our customers

      reviewing a proof.  Besides, we can't send your order to print without you completing the order!


Q:  What is the turn-around time for my order?

A:  You have the option of selecting "RUSH PROCESSING" when you check out.  This is the

      fastest way to receive your order.  Only use this option if you are in desperate need or your

      order.  Most of our turn-around times are very fast. For Full Color Glossy/Matte business cards

      our turn around time is usually only about 3 days and foil cards about 5 days.


Q:  Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

A:  No.  Code 3 Products uses UPS and DHL which will not ship to P.O. Boxes.


Q:  What kind of paper stock do you use for your Foil Embossed Business Cards?

A:  Code 3 Products uses a variety of stock for Foil Embossed Business Cards.  The majority of our

     cards are stamped and printed on a very high quality, top of the line "Rag" paper which has a

     slight texture to it.  Some of our Foil cards are stamped and printed on Smooth White "Plate"

     paper.  If you are curious as to what type of paper is used for your agency, please check the foil

     business card page.


Q:  Can I get a different type of paper for my Foil Embossed Business Cards?

A:  No.  Code 3 Products pre-stamps thousands of foil business cards and then runs imprints as a

     customers places an order. Special order Foil Embossed business cards is extremely

     expensive that is why we pre-stamp them giving you the best possible prices.


Q:  Can I have my badge number on my Foil Embossed Business Card?

A:  No.  As explained above, we pre-stamp thousands of these cards so putting individual

     badge numbers would require a custom order which would cost approximately $500 per



Q:  Can I have part of my order with a mobile number and part without?

A:  Yes but you will have to select a package special to do that.


Q:  Do you offer letterhead and other types of stationary?

A:  Yes. We are a full service design company that has access to the best printing for ANY

      stationary or specialty item.


Q:  Can I write on front of my cards?

A:  You can write on the front of the FOIL and RAISED INK cards only. You CAN NOT write on

      the front of the FULL COLOR GLOSSY/MATTE cards as they are coated with a UV finish.

     You can write on the back of the full color glossy/matte cards however.


Q:  Can you create a custom logo for our agency or unit?

A:  Absolutely! We have experienced and very creative artists and designers in our network

     that specialize in Police, Fire and Military graphics. We will work with you every step of the

     way to create an awesome design for you and can supply in vector or raster format.


Q:  Does the LAPD require all of that extra information on the cards?

A:  Unfortunately yes. The Los Angeles Police Department requires the TDD number on front

      as well as a recruitment advertisement. On the back there is a short paragraph at the

      bottom and Date, Time and Inc # on top.  This is all per Special Order.


Q:  Can I customize or change the layouts that you have for business cards?

A:  Of Course! Except for the foil business cards, all layouts and designs are fully customizable.


Q:  Can I order my cards without all the LAPD mumbo jumbo?

A:  Yes of course! We work for you and will print to your specifications. The foil cards are pre-

      printed however so it will come with the required information on back.


Q: Is there any set-up charges or hidden fees that aren't shown on the pricing page?

A:  NO! Code 3 Products does not charge any set-up fees unless we agree to it ahead of time.

     This would only be needed if we are creating custom foil work or other art that is not a standard

      item that we produce.


Q: Wait! I want a business card for my wife. She is a hair stylist. Can you do that?

A:  Absolutely! Although we specialize in Police, Fire and Military graphics, we have experienced

     designers that are skilled in all types of occupations. We have thousands of pieces of artwork

     available or we can create a custom piece for you.


Q:  Can I use my own artwork and supply it to you?

A:  Yes. We can use any of your artwork that is rightfully yours. We cannot accept copy written art

      or photos without consent or release from the copyright holder.


Q: Hey! What happened to the magnets?

A:  We had to stop adding the magnets over a year ago. Now that all of the shipping is done from

     the point of production, it is near impossible to add a magnet into the box and still have fast turn

     around times and low prices.  If you want magnets, check with your local Office Depot or similar

     store and purchase adhesive business card magnets.  That is how we did it and you can make

     as many as you want!


Q: What if you don't have my agency's badge/patch on file?

A:  This is the most difficult part of the ordering process. We have many badges and patches in our

     archives. In fact, we have hundreds! Many we can use for other departments that use the same

     type of badge. We will change all the lettering and colors if needed. If your agency's badge is

     unique, the best way is to send your badge to us for photographing. Code 3 Products has

     specialized digital photographic and lighting equipment to do just that. Our images come out

     perfect and are the best for your business card. We do this regularly with other departments and

     having a flat badge makes it even easier! You don't need to go without your duty badge. The

     process works like this: You "overnight" ship your badge to us via USPS or UPS. We

     photograph it immediately, even on weekends! We ship it right back the same day and you

     would get it back usually the next day. The whole process usually takes only 3 - 4 days! You will

     get the absolute best results this way!


Q: I am a police officer or firefighter who is starting my own business. Can Code 3 Products

     help in creating a logo, business card?

A: Absolutely! We have done this before for other officers and firefighters that wish to branch out

     and try the private sector! We can help you out every step of the way by calling in our specialists

     in each area.


Q:  Are the business cards thin and flimsy?

A:  No, not at all!  Our business cards range from 14pt to 28pt thickness depending on the product.


Q:  Can I get my agency badge/shield instead of the generic one?

A:  Yes of course!  The images you see on the samples are for illustration purposes only.  You will

      have your exact badge or shield, correct rank, color, etc.


Q:  I don't have a PayPal account how can I pay for my order?

A:  You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay for your order with us. PayPal is our merchant

     provider but you can pay with a credit or debit card.  Look at this link when you check out:









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